Stephen Meade M.D. and Chris Alme on Extraordinary Friends – “It wasn’t a dumpster fire.”

Stephen Meade MD, Brian Balestri, and Chris Alme

Stephen Meade MD, Brian Balestri, and Chris Alme

This is it – the very first episode of The Extraordinary Friends Show!

I am so happy with how it turned out, and that is 100% due to my great guest, Steve Meade M.D., and co-host, Chris Alme.
In the show, Steve tells us about:

  • Who are the worst kinds of patients
  • What he hates most about his job
  • The grossest thing he’s seen as a doctor
  • Plus all the good things about being a doctor

Steve also lets us in on a dirty little secret – that being what the admitting nurse writes down when you don’t give a reason for why you want to see your doctor

Both Steve and Chris are really witty guys with easy laughs and together we had a really fun conversation.

Lots of interesting topics covered (see the Show Notes below) and lots of good laughs.

Check it out, and then please…let me know what you think in the Comments section below.

The Extraordinary Friends Show Podcast

The podcast is the same exact same content as the public access show / YouTube video (above) EXCEPT with the addition of 2 minutes of post-show shenanigans.


  • Mayo Clinic (
  • Invasive Candidiasis – all over yeast infection (
  • Dumpster Fire (Urban Dictionary)
  • Dumpster Fire Division – the four worst teams in MLB (Red Reporter)
  • Sebaceous cysts (Mayo Clinic)
  • Vasovagal syncope – fainting at the sight of blood (Mayo Clinic)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (Amazon)
  • Stay Smart: Holiday Inn Express Commercial (YouTube)
  • Alec Baldwin as Dr. Dirk Johanson from Nurses, Doctors, & Patients (
  • Erectile dysfunction (ED)  (Mayo Clinic)
  • How much money do doctors make (Business Insider)
  • Figure One App (
  • Dr. Sandra Lee a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper (YouTube)
  • Seinfeld: The Fusilli Jerry (Assman)  (YouTube)
  • Being Mortal: Medicine and What Happens in the End (Amazon)
  • Doogie Howser, M.D. (IMDb)
  • House (IMDb)
  • A Forrest by The Cure (YouTube)
  • Greek Grill & Fry – good Greek food…a gas station (Yelp)
  • Wizard of Oz: If I Only Had a Brain (YouTube)
  • Davanni’s Pizza (

Show Notes

0:00 Introductions
1:42 Steve explains how he became a doctor
3:30 Doctors need to know everything
5:35 Brian and Chris learn about all over body yeast infection |
7:04 Lactose intolerance
7:33 The first episode might be a dumpster fire
8:43 Logistics of a doctor’s schedule
11:24 The worst kind of patients
12:05 What part of his job Steve hates the most
13:00 Steve explains how to remove a toenail
14:23 What is the grossest thing Steve has seen
15:20 Brian isn’t a wimp (he has vasovagal syncope)
16:10 Chris is a fainter too
17:20 Psychiatry is a good alternative if you can’t deal with blood
18:40 Technology improvements of medical practice
20:40 Reasons for doctor burnout
27:00 Brian can’t pronounce “abdomen”
29:21 Doctors think we all have ED
33:13 How much money do doctors make
33:40 Steve explains why dermatologists make more than oncologists
36:10 And why male doctors make more than female doctors
38:10 Brian tells the story of why he picked his doctor
40:22 The “Instagram site” for doctors is actually an app called Figure One
42:40 Steve talks about patients who are less than honest
46:40 Brian’s mortality grosses him out
47:45 All of Steve’s patients die and he’s fine with that
50:25 How often does Steve get hit up for free medical advice
52:10 Steve sees himself as a combination of Doogie Howser and Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman (the nickname for Frank Burns was “Ferret Face”)
52:49 Steve and Chris answer “Lightning Round” questions including their first kisses
54:30 Chris recommends “Gas Station Greek
55:40 It wasn’t a dumpster fire
57:15 What do you call a cadaver without a brain?
58:12 Post show conversations


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  4. Paul

    The Dr. Meade show was filmed with extraordinary skill. I have not seen camera work like that since Paul Majors was haunting the set at KARE11!

    1. ExtraordinaryFriends (@XOFriends)

      Haha! Yes, the camera work was one of our top five best shows!


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