Roman Fraulini and Norris Stenson – “There’s no crying in business”

Roman Fraulini, Brian Balestri, and Norris Stenson on The Extraordinary Friends Show

Roman Fraulini, Brian Balestri, and Norris Stenson – Episode #5 of The Extraordinary Friends Show

“Most things I do end up being the hard way.” – Roman Fraulini

My guest for this episode is my good friend Roman Fraulini. He’s a Director of IT but don’t worry – we don’t spend any time talking about his day job. Instead we talk about his life experiences outside of IT.

They include:

  • growing up in a REALLY small Northern Minnesota town
  • joining the Air Force
  • how the Air Force influences his management style and his personal life
  • what it’s like to be a father having grown up without a father
  • and his Italian citizenship

For me Roman is part Andrew Zimmern, part Glengarry Glen Ross, part Zagat’s travel guide, part Cliff Clavin , and part Bear Grylls. But my favorite thing about Roman is that he will always play along with any absurd conversation that I start. He’ll join in without missing a beat, and he is never the first to break character and start laughing, no matter how absurd it gets. You get a small glimpse of that in the very beginning of the show when I ask him about where he’s from.

My co-host for this episode is Norris Stenson, a great friend I’ve known for almost 30 years. If I’m going to a party and I know Norris is going to be there, he’s the guy that I’m looking forward to seeing most because he’s a great conversationalist and always adds good humor to any situation.

If you only have 5 minutes go minute mark 43 to hear Roman’s story about the German maid.

As always, the podcast has bonus material at the very end including extra lightning round questions, and some funny pre-show conversations that are not in the video.


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Listen to Episode #5: Roman Fraulini and Norris Stenson – “There’s no crying in business” | The Extraordinary Friends Show


Show Notes

02:00 Roman tells how he started out in the Twin Cities, but spent his formative years up in Northern Minnesota
05:00 Twin Citians vs. Cidiots vs. Big Fork vs. Effie
12:21 Roman tells about his career in the Navy
15:01 It’s only Air force One when the President is on the plane
20:00 Roman tells about tweezing your underwear
24:00 Brian tells about Van Halen’s brown M&M contractual restriction
26:23 Roman tells how the military influenced his management style
28:55 Roman has never made Brian cry…at work
33:00 The group talks about the problem with modern corporate life – not giving tough messages when needed
38:00 Roman talks about becoming a Dad without having had the benefits of having grown up with a dad
41:45 He tells the hilarious German maid story
45:00 Roman tells why Italy is so important to him
50:00 Roman won’t say if he’d fight for the United States or Italy if war broke out between the two countries
53:00 Brian speculates on whether his family’s Italian ancestors may have owned the Roman’s family’s ancestors
55:49 Roman tells a story about his uncle’s crazy time on a cruise ship
58:10 Roman asks the guys what the most important thing your father taught you

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