Paul Blomkalns and David Bryan – “Dates with Cadavers”

David Bryan, Brian Balestri, and Paul "Blah Blah" Blomkalns

David Bryan, Brian Balestri, and Paul “Blah Blah” Blomkalns

“The thankfulness washes away the awkwardness” – Paul Blomkalns

My guest for this episode is Paul Blomkalns – a Nurse Practitioner and a really great guy who I met through my good friend David Bryan.  Both these guys are a lot of fun to hang out with and tell great stories.  But both were quite reserved for the first part of the conversation which really surprised me.  I hadn’t expected them to be so professional and take my little talk show so seriously.  But after lobbing several ridiculous questions at Paul they eventually relaxed and we had a great conversation.
Our topics mostly centered around what it’s like to be a nurse practitioner and included things like:
  • What is the grossest thing Paul’s ever seen
  • Who make better patients – men or women
  • And what he does when he’s propositioned by cougars
I have to apologize for the video and sound quality in this episode.  We recorded this episode at my cabin on a beautiful July day, and I apparently set up the camera wrong so the whole episode is slightly out of focus. Plus there’s background sounds through out, and then near the end I start getting pinged on my phone because we were late for a floating happy hour.
If you only have five minutes, skip to minute mark 44 where Paul tells a story about how he almost kills himself while duck hunting alone.
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Show Notes

02:44 Paul explains the difference between a doctor, a nurse, and a nurse practitioner
06:58 We talk about dead bodies
06:00 Paul and David tell about their dates with cadavers
09:10 For Paul the relationship and interaction with the patients are the best part of the job
11:03 Paul is a Hospitalist vs. a clinical Nurse Practitioner
14:24 Paul tells what grosses him out the most
16:06 Maggots aren’t that bad
17:16 The joys of sponge baths
19:46 Paul explains why he used to get hit on more by patients
20:15 The second grossest thing Paul deals with
21:00 The steps for aleviating an impacted patient
26:45 Paul can’t get Brian narcotics
27:40 Who are the worst types of patients
30:00 Paul explains why women make for better patients
32:00 How to Paul deals with attractive patients
34:30 Nursing as a career – it’s been good
35:06 Schooling requirements to be a entry level school
38:00 Paul tells about growing up in Louisiana
39:00 Talk about hunting for turtles for turtle soup
42:00 David recommends the Commander’s Palace for it’s turtle soup
43:40 Paul tells his Wisconsin duck hunting story
48:35 Lightning Round

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