Jason Ostrowski and Erik Swanson – “Phone Numbers on Snickers Wrappers”

Jason Ostrowski Brian Balestri and Erik Swanson | The Extraordinary Friends Show

Jason Ostrowski Brian Balestri and Erik Swanson | The Extraordinary Friends Show

“Well, that’s probably the person I’m not saving.” – Jason Ostrowski

My guest for this episode is Jason Ostrowski – a flight attendant for a regional carrier here in the Twin Cities.  My co-host is Erik Swanson – my oldest (meaning we’ve known each other the longest) and also my best friend.  Erik and I asked Jason all sorts of questions about flying and being a flight attendant including:

  • Who are the most annoying types of passengers?
  • What happens when a person dies on a plane during a flight?
  • What is the procedure when passengers are caught in the act?

Jason and Erik are a couple of great guys and we had a really fun conversation.

Here’s the video of the show, but I should tell you, the podcast has an additional 10 minutes of Lightning Round questions and pre-show outtakes.


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Listen to Episode 4: Jason Ostrowski and Erik Swanson – “Phone numbers on Snickers wrappers” | The Extraordinary Friends Show


Show Notes

03:05 How flight attendant seniority works
06:53 Jason tells how old a flight attendant can be
09:10 How much can flight attendants make
11:16 Jason explains where flight attendants sleep on a plane
12:00 The best part of being a flight attendant
14:18 Some passengers are morons
14:48 Jason tells who he’s not going to save if there is a crash situation
16:32 Males vs. female flight attendant demographics
18:17 Lack of sleep is the hardest part about being a flight attendant
19:00 The worst part a flight attendant’s job
23:20 Jason’s brushes with fame
25:45 What it was like before and after 9/11
28:34 Jason explains that only the captain can kick a person off the plane
31:27 Brian tells how to guarantee that you get kicked off a flight
33:14 UFOs and other unexplained occurrences
39:12 Who are the most annoying people Jason has to work with
43:00 Jason explains why is sucks if someone dies on your flight
44:00 What is the procedure on the mile high club
49:00 Pilotless airplanes – not likely
53:00 Jason explains his nickname “Chuck”
55:05 Erik doesn’t like my lightning round question on haircuts
56:58 Doppelgangers: Jason = Apollo Ono, Erik = Pat Kessler

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